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Martin Hsu Character Design- CRAKENS

CRAKENS™ is a group of lovable hybrid misfits created by Martin Hsu.


They are the sweet irony of cute and creepy, and love all living organisms in nature.


Being direct descendants of the Kraken and Godzilla, CRAKENS™ are made of 1/2 land animal and 1/2 sea animal

due to mass pollution by the humans. Ironically, they are highly adaptable to survive in any environment which

makes them the ultimate winners in evolution. They live peacefully in a hidden place called Crakenland™,

one of the last undisturbed sanctuaries in our world tucked away from the reach of man. 

By nature, CRAKENS™ are innocent, naive, and gentle beasts who enjoy hanging out with their woodland animal friends to eat and play video games.

In order to defend their beloved nature and reclaim peace in water and on land, they also take pride in knocking over power plants, disposing oil tanker, and stumping on illegal logging.  They are firm believers in action speaks louder than words, especially when smashing is so much more fun!

© Martin Hsu

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